V5/V6-JS special inverter for injection moulding machine
V5/V6-JS special inverter for injection moulding machine
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Injection moulding machine motor energy saving four ways:
V / F control inverter +asynchronous motor: without feedback system, low control precision, is out of type.
Vector control inverter + asynchronous motor + current feedback: easy to install, cost-effective.
Vector control driver + synchronous motor + speed feedback + pressure feedback: fast system response, the high price, high maintenance costs.
Vector control driver + asynchronous motor + speed feedback + current feedback: the second and third approach combines the advantages of the system to respond quickly, cost-effective.

Servo concept:
For energy-saving injection moulding machine, the servo is to realize a feedback control system dynamic response, high control accuracy.

Advantages of asynchronous servo:
Based on the injection moulding machine with constant rate pump, using a vector driver, increase the feedback control system can achieve asynchronous servo energy saving, without replacing motors and pumps, low cost, 70 percent lower than the synchronous servo, cost-effective.
Energy saving rate as high as 25% to 70%, the saving rate depends mainly on mold process parameters, Relationship between the speed of the die process parameter (0~99%) and energy saving have the greatest. The lower speed, the higher energy saving rate.
If the value of the speed of the mold is generally 0 to 30%, the energy saving rate can reach 70%; if the injecting speed and melting speed values generally above 90%, and without cooling time (Opening mold right away after melting), the saving rate can only reach about 25%.
If the asynchronous servo driver fails or needs maintenance, does not affect the injection molding machine to work properly.
Low maintenance cost.

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